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Welcome to Cloverleaf Restaurants!

We are a privately owned restaurant company based in Blackburn, and our aim is to build new, high quality informal pub style amenity restaurants, exclusively in the north of England and Midlands. All our sites are located either on or directly adjacent to new, existing or emerging business parks. Exterior of Waterfold Farm

Our aspiration is to provide the best dining and drinking experience for customers of all ages - with excellent food and drink, super service from people who care about your enjoyment, comfortable surroundings and great value for money.

We don't want to be the biggest but we are working to be the best - for your enjoyment and our success!

Our first restaurant, Meadow Farm in Ecclesfield, Sheffield, opened in November 2004.

Our latest restaurant, Sycamore Farm in Burnley, opened in September 2008 and with more restaurants in the pipeline we will be increasing our presence on both sides on the pennines, bringing our unique combination of food, drink, comfort and service to an area near you.